“Crime Fact, Crime Fiction” at the St. Thomas Public Library

There is often a fine line between fact and fiction.  Separating what’s real from what’s imaginary is as much a challenge for the criminal investigator as it is for the reader of crime novels. 

Cover of Snow Job by William Deverell
Snow Job by William Deverell


You’ll have an excellent opportunity to listen to experts in both “crime fact” and “crime fiction” when you come to the St. Thomas Public Library’s Carnegie Room on Wednesday, October 28 at 7:30 p.m.  Admission to “Crime Fact, Crime Fiction” is free. 

First up will be forensics expert Mike Souliere, Coordinator of Evidence andCrime Scene Protection at the Ontario Police College, who will be making an illustrated presentation on “The Scene of the Crime.” 

Next is well known crime fiction novelist William Deverell. 

The British Columbia resident has included St. Thomas in a promotional tour of Ontario in support 

Cover of Old City Hall by Robert Rotenberg
Old City Hall by Robert Rotenberg


of his latest book, Snow Job.  Among his other books are Kill all the Judges, April Fool and Trial of Passion, the last two of which won the Crime Writers of Canada Arthur Ellis Award for best novel.  The Ottawa Citizen calls Deverell “one of Canada’s best and funniest mystery writers.” 

Also appearing is Robert Rotenberg, whose novel Old City Hall has been described by novelist Nelson Demille as “an amazing debut” and by Jeffrey Deaver as “breathtaking” and doing “for Toronto what Ian Rankin does for Edinburgh.”   Old City Hall has been named a finalist for this year’s British Crime Writers’ Association New Blood Dagger Award. 

Howard Shrier’s Buffalo Jump won the Arthur Ellis Award for best first novel, and has been praised by The Hamilton Spectator for “a well-juggled storyline brimming with 

Cover of Buffalo Jump by Howard Shrier
Buffalo Jump by Howard Shrier


dry humour, a cast of oddball characters, and graphic scenes that come alive with action.”   His most recent book, High Chicago, was recently lauded by The Globe and Mail for having “the same stellar characters, the same clever plotting, and, if anything, an even better story.” 

Poison by Jon Wells
Poison by Jon Wells


There’s a return to “crime fact” with the final speaker of the night.  Jon Wells is a National Newspaper Award winning journalist with The Hamilton Spectator.  He is also the author of several popular works of crime non-fiction, including Vanished: Cold-Blooded Murder in Steeltown, Post-Mortem and Poison

Books by all of our guest writers will be available for signing and for sale. 

For more information, please call the Library at 519-631-6050.

– PB


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