Thrills and Chills at St. Thomas Public Library

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On the evening of October 30th, expect the unexpected in the Children’s and Teens’  Services Department. The lights will dim and the aisles and rooms that you know so well will be transformed into a “Haunted House”.

Children and adults will begin their adventure in the basement of the library where  they will be treated to a host of Hallowe’en crafts and activities. They will also be given the chance to have their photo taken as a witch, a vampire, a scarecrow or a werewolf.

Don’t forget to bring your cameras!   Small groups will be led up the stairs to the second floor where they will be toured through the house and introduced to its inhabitants.  For one night only, screams and spooky sounds WILL be allowed in the library.

Feel free to come dressed in costume. This event is free but donations will be gratefully accepted for the Library Revitalization Project. We are very grateful to our Teen Advisory Board members who are volunteering their time and talents to make this evening a success.

For more information contact the Children’s and Teens’ Services Department at 519-631-6050.

– HR

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