Challenging Times

As we approach the end of 2009 and 2010 is on the horizon, we reflect on the challenges we have had to face in our community this year.  St Thomas Public Library supported its patrons by granting them a “Fine Free Summer”, enabling everyone to take full advantage of the resources it has to offer.  The Library continues “To reach out to meet community needs for information, education and recreation”, living up to our mission statement.

I recall another challenging time back in 1993. Who remembers Rae Days, otherwise known as Social Contract Days?  To fulfill our obligation, the Library was closed to the public from December 20, 1993 until January 2, 1994. To save on heating bills the heat was turned down.

On the morning of January 2, 1994 as the temperature rose in the building, and staff worked diligently to clean up the backlog of materials returned through the book drop, a strange rumbling occurred, similar to that of an earthquake.  One staff member recalls feeling the earth move beneath her feet.  The terra cotta tiles cemented to the concrete floor could not adjust to the sudden temperature change; a crack formed from the front entrance all the way inside to the circulation desk and tiles heaved approximately 12 inches.  On that busy morning, after a 2 week closure, patrons had to be rerouted into the building though back stairs and hallways.  Lost and confused  people showed up in odd places in the Library.  It was such an unusual time, that everything out of the ordinary seemed perfectly normal. Needless to say, we all survived the ordeal.

There are two morals to this story.

  1. Even in the most challenging of times, the Library will come through for you.
  2. Never close the Library for two weeks at a time…you’ll be sorry.

Reminder: St Thomas Public Library Holiday Closures for 2009

December 24-27, December 31 at 1:00 p.m. and January 1, 2010.

We wish you all the best of the season.

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