Nice Quiet Place to Work

As Library employees we often hear people say, “It must be so nice to work in a quiet place like a library.”

I’d like to squelch that myth…if possible.

We no longer walk around glaring at people with our finger over our lips saying “Shhhhhh!”

In my 30+ years at St. Thomas Public Library I’ve experienced various and diverse events, not one of which I’d describe as quiet.  The Library has hosted 5 Murder Mystery nights, beginning back in the 1990’s with ‘Murder in the Library’, followed by ‘Murder at Heartthrob High’, ‘Murder at the Saddlebag Saloon’, ‘A Funny Murder Happened on the Way to the Forum’ and ‘Murder at Midnight’. Believe me, things got noisy.

We have also held 4 Trivia Nights, where the building was filled with vociferous competitors, again far from quiet.  The Laughin’ Out Loud program that took place this year speaks for itself.  There have been Open Houses, class visits, galas, book sales, plant sales, concerts….not quiet.

It’s great to work at St. Thomas Public Library because it’s filled with people coming in to enjoy the books, the Internet, preschool classes, programs, movies, newspapers, displays, and yes, when one of our fantastic, fun events isn’t happening, even a quiet place to sit by the window.

– EL

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