A Nice Quiet Place? Part 2

A Library is such a nice quiet place, isn’t it? In an earlier blog, we talked about some of the wonderful and diverse programs that make the library a lively place. But much of the time, people who come in to the library find what they’re looking for – peace and quiet.

Last week, as I walked in the non-fiction area  – looking for books on fundraising – I found two tables of three young people who may have been college or university students. Each had a lap top, and they talked quietly, working on some sort of project together.  Two others sat at their own tables, each with their laptop, taking advantage of the library’s wireless connectivity. In a study carrel in a corner near the window, an adult wrestled with brain testers behind a sign that said “Quiet, please. Exam in progress.” In another carrel, a middle aged woman a tutored a child in math, a grey head and a tousled blond head close together in concentration.

As I continue my tour into the fiction section, in a pool of sunshine by the windows, every chair is occupied. Some are reading the newspaper, some are leafing through a stack of books, and some are just sitting quietly, having a coffee, and waiting for a friend.

Upstairs, an adult student spread his textbooks, notepaper, pens and calculator along a counter, doing his course work, as he has every day for months.

If quiet means  not busy, then no, we’re not quiet.


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