A Well-Earned Award

We are delighted to be able to tell you that our team of exceptional students won the St. Thomas Student Employment Office award for “Student Team of the Summer” at the Employer Appreciation Breakfast held August 10.  Over one hundred St. Thomas employers had the opportunity to nominate an individual or a team of students for these awards.

Cameron Bryant joined us for the third year, this time as Local History Assistant. Alicia Brown was our Friends student, a position that Cameron filled previously, and Katelyn Andrew, is still with us until September as our Revitalization Assistant, helping us gather data for the upcoming renovation project. Rosalie Auger was our exchange student from Quebec.

Our students provided us with new vision and a youthful exuberance that inspired us. They brought us new skills in research and technology. Each one stepped in to assist where needed, sometimes on short notice. Along with her work for the Friends, Alicia ran one of our family movie sessions; Cameron developed a St. Thomas History timeline, and did research at Western to fill gaps in our collection. Katelyn’s focus group skills helped us hone in on our vision for Revitalization. Our exchange student Rosalie helped set up (and enjoyed) many of our special events such as Senior’s Day in the Park.

Our students were involved in many exciting events this summer, including doing focus groups with the staff, developing questionnaires for our users, serving and setting up our ‘Medieval Feast’ event at Quai du Vin, making tea and serving pies for our volunteer appreciation day, and talking to the public at the Horton Market.

We were sad to see them go, and wish them the best in their studies.

– EL

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