Revitalisation: The End of the Beginning

Several specially selected architects will be presenting their proposals to the Library Board at the end of August. It’s been a long road, but we’re finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

We had an architect work with us earlier  – back in 2004 – to help us develop a renovation proposal for City Council. It has taken six years to develop a concept that the City of St Thomas approves, and supports financially.

At the end of last year we asked architects whether they were interested in being part of our Revitalization Project. We received written presentations from 14 architects, beautifully illustrated with samples of some of the projects – both innovative and practical – they had completed. We assumed short listing would be easy, because we wanted to focus on those that had experience in developing library projects. Amazingly, all 14 had experience with library buildings – from a little to a lot.

A committee made up of representatives of library staff, city staff and library board members selected the five “best”. We evaluated their library experience, their ability to bring a project in on budget, and how well we liked their previous projects.

Now that the $1.2 million project has been fully funded by the City of St. Thomas and supplemented by public donations, we asked the 5 short-listed architects for their concept of the Revitalization Project.

In early September, the Library Board will make the final selection, and then work with that architect in finalizing all the details of the project.  This architect will be responsible for making sure that our vision comes to reality.

You can help too! Your feedback will be invited at a public meeting later this fall when the plans are revealed. Your generous donations will help us replace our old chairs, refinish our tables,  and upgrade the lighting.

All donations are gratefully received and can be made at the library or, thanks to the wonders of the internet, online through our partnership with

Stay tuned for the date of the public meeting, and watch for further updates on the project, in our blog and in Re:News, Your Library Revitalization Source.


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