Car + Kids + Audio Book = Great Road Trip

For years my children resisted Harry Potter. Attempts to get them interested in the books fell on deaf ears and elicited little response. As I‘ve always been a fan, I found this quite frustrating.

On a recent road trip to the Maritimes, I brought along a library copy of the Cover image of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stoneaudiobook, “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”. After playing several chapters, even my husband was hooked. It didn’t take long until there were cries emanating from the back seat, “Potter! We want Potter!”. We listened to the book on the way out east and then, at our children’s insistence, played it once again on the way back. The miles melted away and the long hours flew by.

Now I realize that like the breathtaking rustic beauty of the Newfoundland coastline, I couldn’t force my kids to appreciate the magical world of Harry Potter; it was something they had to experience on their own. All I needed to do was to supply the opportunity.

An image taken near St. Anthony on Newfoundland's West Coast
Near St. Anthony on Newfoundland's West Coast

So for those planning a road trip with young ones, you should consider visiting the library website to sign out an audiobook or two. (We can also help with this in person).

A wide variety of titles are available both in the Adult and Children & Teens’ collections. Having one on hand will help alleviate the boredom and will, in turn, help create many happy memories along the way.

Enjoy the journey.

– BH

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