Library Fundraising: Where are we now?

As you know, the library is fundraising for Library Revitalization. The City is funding the “bricks and mortar” construction and costs, but the library has a separate campaign to make the library a fun, friendly, welcoming, and enjoyable place to be. This includes furniture, carpeting, displays, technology upgrades, and all of the little extras that will make the library feel like home.

We thank, once again, the overwhelming donation from the late Dorothy Palmer of $300,000 for the Youth Library, and the St. Thomas Rotary Club for their $10,000 donation to be used toward the adult lounge. But we’re not done yet.

So far, we have raised $62,000! This is a significant amount, but much of the funds has strings attached, rules for spending it. Some of the donations are specifically for large print books, DVDs, and Early Literacy Computers for the Youth Library.  Our goal is $100,000 by March 31, 2011. We are very close to our goal, and we can get there with your help!

Have you ever built a house?  You know how costs and added items just kind of “pop up.” Nothing ever goes the way you plan and your budget never follows what you draw up. You try to order a bathroom fixture, and it turns out the one you want costs an extra 15%, plus shipping, plus installation, etc. ect. And, when the plumber comes in, he drops the fixture and cracks your tiled floor. Now you’ve got a new project to take care of! Well, it’s no different for good ol’ St. Thomas Public Library! We’ve all envisioned a beautiful library, and now that we’re actually to the “Let’s do it!” phase, we’re realising that, while we’ve thought of the cost of purchasing certain items, there are other expenses that go along with them.

We envision an adult lounge that includes easy chairs, side tables, rugs, lamps, and the fire place. Also, we expect a new computer lab, which requires new furniture, and, hopefully, upgraded computers and equipment to put inside of it. Also, many other items and necessary expenses need to be covered. That’s why we need your help! The community has been very generous, and our goal is attainable. We can get there! Please, donate today!


2 thoughts on “Library Fundraising: Where are we now?

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