Have you heard? We’re moving! (Temporarily)

It’s official! The library will be closing for a short period (a little longer than two weeks,) beginning on Saturday, March 19, 2011. During this time, we’ll be packing up the library and getting ready for the big move to Elgin Mall. On 9:00 a.m. on Monday, April 4, 2011, St. Thomas Public Library will re-open at the temporarily location in Elgin Mall, 417 Wellington Street.

We apologize for the service interruption!

St. Thomas Public Library will be moving into five different spaces in Elgin Mall. There will be an Adult and Local History area, a Children’s and Teens’ area, a Marketplace, a Friends of St. Thomas Public Library Shop, and an Administration area. Much of the collection will be coming with us and many of the same services will be offered. Visit the library’s website to stay in the loop about upcoming programs and updates.

I understand if five different locations sounds a little overwhelming, and you’re likely wondering where to find everything. But try not to fret! We’ve made a map and some floor plans for the Adult Department and the Children’s and Teens’ Area.

The Adult and Local History Departments will be moving into the (former/current, depending on when you read this) Trad’s Furniture Store. It will be home to the adult fiction and non-fiction collection, paperbacks, reference service, public Internet & computer access, photocopier, study tables, and Local History (including microfilm readers.) Also at this location, you can drop of gently used book donations for the Library Friends Shop when they are not open.

The Children’s and Teens’ Services Department will be next to Hallmark. You’ll find everything that you know and love about the department there: picture and board books, fiction for all ages, graphic novels, non-fiction, public access Internet & computer access, Early Literacy Station, and study tables.

The Marketplace is a new addition to St. Thomas Public Library and will be coming with us when we move back into the Revitalized Library. It will be a pretty busy place! Here you will find a lot of material that moves quickly – DVDs, CDs, periodicals and magazines, and all of your holds. The Marketplace is appropriately located in the former CD Plus store, right by the food court. (If your doing your grocery shopping on Friday night, stop by the Marketplace to pick up a family movie while you’re at it! Can Family Night be any easier?)

The Friends of St. Thomas Public Library are kicking their monthly book sales up a notch! They’re having a store of their own, next to Ardene and across for the Adult Department, and are planning to be open several days throughout the week. (I believe the word you’re looking for is “Awesome!”) You can bring your gently used books to the store while they’re open (details on that to come soon.) All proceeds from the sales of the shop are donated to the library.

And we, the folks of Administration, are actually already at the Elgin Mall! We’ve made our (temporary) home in what used to be the Century 21. (You know, the location on the corner at the mall entrance of Zellers that’s covered in windows? Wave to me when you walk by!)

Be sure to come back! I’ve got a few blog posts planned as the moving date looms closer and closer. I mean, gigantic moves always run smoothly with absolutely no incidences, right? :o)

– RC

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