Life as an STPL Co-op Student

My experience with the St. Thomas Public Library has been a very fulfilling one.  I started a high-school co-op placement with the library in March 2011 beginning at the Curtis Street location through to the move to the Elgin Mall.  It has given me an opportunity to see a lot of the behind-the-scenes aspects of the library that most people never have the opportunity to experience.   I have had the chance to work with many different departments and have worked with almost all of the different people employed at the library.

Books and Bounces Preschool Program at STPL
A Books and Bounces Preschool Story-time Program


While I have had many different jobs throughout my placement, there have been some that are standout as being a routine duty.  Every day I provide an extra hand behind the circulation desk in caring for DVDs.  While the ladies are buzzing around very busy with the morning setup, I help by cleaning and locking the DVDs that were returned the night before. (Locking the DVDs into their cases helps to prevent theft.) Once the locking is complete I then shelve the DVDs.  Three times a week I attend the Story-time programs provided by the Children’s and Teens’ Department for children five and under.  I provide an extra set of eyes and ears in watching over the children that attend the programs.  A lot of the time I act as a door guard and keep “the runners” from escaping into the hall where they can get lost.  Other than the two routine responsibilities, I have also helped out with different aspects and even been able to attend special charity events, such as the Elgin Volunteer Appreciation event.


I would really recommend the experience to anyone that is interested because it can open a lot of doors and give a lot of opportunities that you may not expect. Thank you St. Thomas Public Library for giving me this amazing opportunity!

– Kayley the Co-op Student

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