Normandy & Dieppe: A Photographic Travelogue

My husband and I had discussed a trip to France for several years, hoping to be able to travel with our friends from England. We finally made it!!


My husband’s love of history and a special interest in the two world wars were the main forces behind this idea. Our friends shared the same feelings and soon a plan was formed wherby we would travel with them from England to France by ferry, then spend 5 days visiting the beaches of Normandy, Dieppe and Vimy Ridge. The landscape was beautiful and the skies were blue, but the museums and monuments told a much more sobering story. The memories of the soldiers who fell on the battlefields of France are remembered, respected and honoured in many ways here. We all were touched by our experience in Normandy.


The library has invited us to show our photos and talk about this trip on Monday, June 27 and, although this is out of the ordinary for us, we decided that since the trip was so meaningful that others may want to come out and share it.

– Mary Vanzanten


Visit the Beaches of Normandy & Dieppe:

A Program on Travel and History

Monday, June 27, 2011

2:00 to 3:30 p.m.

Library Meeting Place

(beside Library Administration, formerly H&R Block)

St. Thomas Public Library, Elgin Mall

See WWII sites in Normandy, Dieppe, and Vimy Ridge through a personal photographic travelogue with guest speaker Mary Vanzanten from Advantage Elgin Travel. Plus, get expert advice on planning your own safe and memorable holiday!

Free admission!

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