Canadian, eh? Draw Winners

For the month of June, St. Thomas Public Library was gearing up for Canada Day with a Canadian Trivia Draw called “Canadian, eh?” This is the second year for our “Canadian, eh?” draw and we’re pleased to present it to a new crowd with our move to Elgin Mall.


This year, the questions proved to be a bit more challenging. For those who might not have been able to participate, here is a recap of the questions and answers on the “Canadian, eh” ballot:

  1. What is Canada’s capital city? Answer: Ottawa
  2. What is Canada’s longest river? Answer: Mackenzie River
  3. In what year was Canada’s current flag adopted? Answer: February 15, 1965


The last question proved to be the toughest, but astute library customers may have noticed a poster hanging not far away with the correct answer on it. Kudos to those who found it or already knew the answer!


Congratulations to our winners!


Grand Prize: The Story of Canada: The Epic Story of the True North Strong and Free – A book that contains rare, removable facsimile documents of historical importance.

Grand Prize Winner: John Goossens


Second Prize: The Penguin Anthology of Canadian Humour – Edited and Introduction by Will Ferguson, Hardcover Edition

Second Prize Winner: Lynda Goossens


Third Prize: A Complete Guide to Tropical Drink Recipes and Raichlen’s Indoor Grilling

Third Prize Winner: Steve Warren


Thank you to all who participated in the draw! The Canadian, eh? draw was free to enter. Winning ballots were chosen at random, until a correct ballot was selected. Items were donated by Friends of St. Thomas Public Library.

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