Drop boxes available during closure

Just a little update about drop boxes while St. Thomas Public Library is closed for the move back to Curtis Street. We’ve had several people ask if drop boxes will be available while the library is closed and the answer is “Absolutely!”

The drop box that has been located outside of the Adult Department in the Elgin Mall will remain there until the library reopens downtown on January 16, 2012. The drop box that was near the Elgin Mall food court has been moved to the outside of the library at 153 Curtis Street. The drop box that is outside of the Elgin Mall is still there as well.

Please feel free to make use of the drop boxes. While nothing is due while the library is closed, we’d rather you return something once you’ve finished with it than have you forget about it and then be hit with overdue fines later. (Eek!)  The drop boxes will be emptied on a daily basis – it might be a day before you see the item come off of your account, but we’ll take care of you! No worries!

If you have any questions – about closures, due date, reopening, whatever! – give the library a call at 519-631-6050. We’d love to hear from you!

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