The Low-Down for February 21, 2012 (02-21-2012)

OK, a few things folks need to know today.

1. The date is kind of cool. (Tee hee!) 02/21/2012 – I’m not sure why I felt this should be item #1, but there you have it. It was my “Oh look! Something shiny!” for the day.


2. The elevator at St. Thomas Public Library is now fully operational. The repairs and upgrades took less time than expected. We were telling everyone that upgrades may take one full week, but we were adding a bit of extra time on there for the usual “We have to wait for this part,” or “The person who did the wiring for this elevator must have gotten their engineering degree in Narnia, because we don’t understand it,” etc. But that wasn’t the case!

tldr: the elevator at STPL is fully up and running. (So to speak.)


3. We’re unveiling the fabulous art piece by Laura Woermke today at 3:00 p.m. on the main level! This is the piece we acquired through the McGregor Morris Grant offered by Elgin-St. Thomas Community Foundation. Refreshments provided.


4. Happy Mardi Gras! AKA Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Day, Pancake Tuesday, or Fat Tuesday. Some folks will be eating whatever they like (pancakes encouraged!), drinking like a fish (Kool-Aid I’m sure), and partying heartily before the start of Lent tomorrow. I, myself, like to participate in Lent and I have until tomorrow morning to decide what it is I will be “Giving up.” (To be honest, I’m participating in a non-religious context. I just like to see if I have the will power to give up something until Easter.)


5. If this blog seems to be doing some weird things, or you see something new and it doesn’t have any content, please excuse me. I’m trying to update the blog by adding some new (and hopefully very exciting!) things. Anyway, sorry for any inconvenience!


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