Children’s and Teens’ Hot Spots

Since the library reopened in January, the John and Dorothy Palmer Youth Library has been a busy place. We have lots of activities for busy kids, and there are a few hot spots in the department that kids can’t seem to get enough of. (“Five more minutes mom?” A frequent refrain).


The puppet theatre – Kids love it. We have a basket-full of puppets to choose from, including skunks, giraffes and monkeys. The shark puppet is a well-loved favourite. “Hello, my name is Mr. Shark,” is usually the beginning of complex shark-centered dramas that unfold on our stage.  Spontaneous musicals have also been known to erupt, much to the amusement of staff.

Puppet show, anyone?

Early Literacy Stations (ELS) – Our ELS computers are loaded with games that help kids develop reading and math skills. At our temporary mall location a lineup would often form for turns on our single ELS computer. Now we have four! They are frequently the first thing kids dash to, and parents sometimes resort to bargaining when it’s time to go.

Middle Reader Literacy Station

Video Games – We now have Wii, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 games for loan, and we can’t keep them on the shelves! Be sure to ask if you don’t see what you’re looking for and we’ll put it on hold for you.

Oh and there’s also books of course! If you’re looking for something new for your child, teen, or even yourself please ask us. We’ll give you some suggestions based on your favourites. Or maybe you just want to revisit a book that you or your child grew up with. Hey, we’re book people, we get that!


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