Teen Amazing Reading Race

Teen Amazing Reading Race Stamp

Write Reviews – Win Prizes – Cross the Finish Line

If you’re feeling a little too old to join Summer Reading Club this year, check out the Teen Amazing Reading Race for ages twelve and up. You can sign up for free at the Information Desk in the Children’s & Teens’ Department, lower level. All you have to do is write short reviews on the books you read over the summer. (The “Finish Line” is Friday, August 31, 2012.) Reviews will be posted, without names, on the Children’s and Teens’ Facebook page and on the library’s blog. Hand in your reviews at the Information Desk in the Children and Teens’ Department and you’ll earn ballots to win some excellent prizes! Prizes change each week, so you can save all your ballots up for a better shot at something, or you can split your chances and enter every week.

Register anytime this summer. The more books you read, the more chances you have to win! Even if you don’t think you’ll read many books this summer, you might as well earn ballots for the books you do read! There is a special prize at the “Finish Line” (August 31) for the teen who writes the most reviews for books read, and another prize for randomly selected teen who “crosses the finish line.” (One randomly selected book review will name the prize winner.)

Are you wondering what to read next? Check the Facebook page for what other teens are reviewing, there will be lots posted in the next few weeks.

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