Happy 64th Birthday George R.R. Martin!

I imagine that it must be a good day for an author when people want to make one of your books (or better yet, a series) into a movie or television show. Especially when they make a good movie or television show based on your works. Even more especially when those people are the good folks at HBO! George R. R. Martin’s “Game of Thrones”, the first book in the “Song of Ice & Fire” series, was taken on as a television series on HBO, and was followed up by a second season with “A Clash of Kings,” with the other books-turned-seasons to follow.

Today is George R. R. Martin’s 64th birthday and in honour of it, I thought I’d let you know a little about George R. R. Martin, his life, and his works that are available at the library. (And he wrote more than just “A Song of Ice & Fire!”)

About George R. R. Martin: (From www.GoodReads.com)

George R. R. Martin was born September 20, 1948, in Bayonne, New Jersey. His father was Raymond Collins Martin, a longshoreman, and his mother was Margaret Brady Martin. He has two sisters, Darleen Martin Lapinski and Janet Martin Patten.

Martin attended Mary Jane Donohoe School and Marist High School. He began writing very young, selling monster stories to other neighborhood children for pennies, dramatic readings included. Later he became a comic book fan and collector in high school, and began to write fiction for comic fanzines (amateur fan magazines). Martin’s first professional sale was made in 1970 at age 21: “The Hero,” sold to Galaxy, published in February, 1971 issue. Other sales followed.

In 1970 Martin received a B.S. in Journalism from Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, graduating summa cum laude. He went on to complete a M.S. in Journalism in 1971, also from Northwestern.

As a conscientious objector, Martin did alternative service 1972-1974 with VISTA, attached to Cook County Legal Assistance Foundation. He also directed chess tournaments for the Continental Chess Association from 1973-1976, and was a Journalism instructor at Clarke College, Dubuque, Iowa, from 1976-1978. He wrote part-time throughout the 1970s while working as a VISTA Volunteer, chess director, and teacher.

In 1975 he married Gale Burnick. They divorced in 1979, with no children. Martin became a full-time writer in 1979. He was writer-in-residence at Clarke College from 1978-79.

Moving on to Hollywood, Martin signed on as a story editor for Twilight Zone at CBS Television in 1986. In 1987 Martin became an Executive Story Consultant for Beauty and the Beast at CBS. In 1988 he became a Producer for Beauty and the Beast, then in 1989 moved up to Co-Supervising Producer. He was Executive Producer for Doorways, a pilot which he wrote for Columbia Pictures Television, which was filmed during 1992-93.

Martin’s present home is Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is a member of Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America (he was South-Central Regional Director 1977-1979, and Vice President 1996-1998), and of Writers’ Guild of America, West.

Want to find out more about George R. R. Martin? Visit is blog (which is titled “Not a Blog”) at http://grrm.livejournal.com/

Martin’s works at St. Thomas Public Library:

Fort Freak by George R R Martin “Fort Freak: Wild Cards Mosaic Novel”

A collaborative novel reveals the world of Fort Freak, a Manhattan police precinct that is operated by mutants and superpowered agents of justice.

Part of the “Wild Cards” series.

Genre: Alternative Histories, Science Fiction

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Hunters Run by George R R Martin “Hunter’s Run”

Awakening in the uncharted mountains of the planet of Sao Paulo with no memory of his identity, exploited prospector Ramon Espejo experiences gradual and traumatic flashbacks of violent scenes from his past that cause him to realize he is being hunted by mysterious alien overseers.

Genre: Collaborative novels; Science fiction
Storyline: Character-driven; Intricately plotted
Tone: Bleak; Suspenseful; Thought-provoking
Writing Style: Compelling; Gritty
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Game of Thrones by George R R Martin“Game of Thrones”

The first volume in Martin’s first fantasy saga, A Song of Ice and Fire, combines intrigue, action, romance, and mystery in a family saga. The family is the Starks of Winterfell, a society in crisis due to climatic change that has created decades-long seasons, and a society almost without magic but with human perversity abundant and active. Martin reaches a new plateau in terms of narrative technique, action scenes, and integrating (or not injecting) his political views into the story. He does not avoid a dauntingly large cast and a daunting number of viewpoint shifts, but these are problems seemingly inseparable from the multivolume fantasy genre. Accordingly, one doubts there will be any other comfortable entry point into this example of the genre except at the beginning. Judging by this beginning, however, it promises to repay reading and rereading, from first volume to last, on account of its literacy, imagination, emotional impact, and superb world-building.

Genre: Books to TV; Epic fiction; Fantasy fiction; Multiple perspectives

Storyline: Character-driven; Intricately plotted; World-building

Tone: Bleak; Dramatic; Strong sense of place; Suspenseful

Writing Style: Compelling; Gritty; Richly detailed

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Game of Thrones First SeasonGame of Thrones: The Complete First Season

Based on the first novel in the “Song of Ice & Fire” series. By HBO Home Entertainment.

Creators: David Benioff, D.B. Weiss

Starring: Sean Bean, Peter Dinklage, Harry Lloyd, Lena Headey

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