Happy Birthday, Stephen King!

Stephen King“Books are a uniquely portable magic.” – Stephen King

Today marks the 65th birthday of author Stephen King, the icon of horror fiction novels.

Stephen King (also using the pseudonym Richard Bachman, a more gruesome voice) writes Horror, dark Fantasy, and Psychological Suspense. King tells fast-paced stories in conversational language. His appealing heroes and terrible villains arise from our innermost nightmares into the everyday world, which becomes an increasingly twisted landscape. Protagonists are usually sympathetic, often from among society’s outcasts. Whether focused on the real-world horrors of abuse or on supernatural terrors, good-vs.-evil is King’s most common theme: The protagonist’s growing power must rise to meet the challenge of the horrific. Start with: The Shining.

– NoveList


Genre: Fantasy fiction; Horror stories
Storyline: Character-driven; Intricately plotted
Pace: Fast-paced
Tone: Atmospheric; Bleak; Creepy; Menacing; Suspenseful; Violent
Writing Style: Compelling; Descriptive; Gritty
St. Thomas Public Library has over 70 items by Stephen King, including books, short stories, audiobooks, movies, eBooks, eAudiobooks, and movies.


Find this book on the library's catalogueTo see the whole list of Stephen King’s books, audiobooks on CD,

and movies the library has to offer, visit the library’s online catalogue.


To see the list of Stephen King’s eBooks and eAudiobooks,

visit the library’s online download centre.

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