Read the Book, See the Movie – 2012

Summer is over, but there is much to look forward to in the coming months. Turkey, pumpkin flavoured everything, the holidays, turkey again. If you aren’t a turkey fan, there are many literary movies coming to the big screen in the near future. There are two reasons this is exciting:

  1. Books as movies are an interesting way to experience a book all over again, even if the movie version doesn’t measure up to the book.
  2. Having already read the book before seeing the film will make you appear cultured and worldly, and you will probably become a hero among your peers. They may even invite you over for turkey dinner.

Here’s a cheat sheet of what to read before the films come out over the next few months. All of these books are available at the library. You can place a hold on these books by clicking the book cover images.

Perks of Being a Wallflower - original

Perks of Being a Wallflower - movie

The Perks of Being a Wallflower- Stephen Chbosky

The book, originally published in 1999, has acquired a sort of cult following. The story follows Charlie through those rollicking experiences of high-school. The book appeals to a wide audience, perhaps because we all carry some baggage forward from these years in our lives. The film, starring Emma Watson, Logan Lerman and Ezra Miller, comes out September 21st, 2012.

This book can be found in the Teen Fiction section on the lower level – TEEN FIC CHB

Watch the Movie Trailer for Perks of Being a Wallflower

Cloud Atlas - originalCloud Atlas- David Mitchell movie

This novel follows several narrators across time, breaks off stories mid-way through and picks them back up later. It won the British Book Awards Best Literary Fiction and the South Bank Show Literature prize. The film, starring Tom Hanks and Halle Berry, comes out October 26, 2012, unless you were lucky enough to catch it in September at the Toronto International Film Festival.
This book can be found in the Adult Fiction section on the main level – FIC MIT

Watch the Movie Trailer for Cloud Atlas

Les Miserables - originalLes Miserables- Victor HugoLes Miserables - movie

Jean Valjean’s search for redemption in 19th Century France, adapted as a musical and to film several times in the past, will come to the big screen again on December 25, 2012, starring Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean, Russell Crowe as Javert and Anne Hathaway as Fantine. Directed by Tom Hooper (The King’s Speech), this movie will likely garner some Oscar attention.

This book can be found on the Adult Fiction section on the main level – FIC HUG. The original movie can be found on DVD in the Musical DVD section – MUSIC LES

Watch the Movie Trailer for Les Miserables

The Hobbit - originalThe Hobbit or There and Back Again- J.R.R. TolkienThe Hobbit - movie

Bilbo Baggins’ epic adventure is coming to film December 14th, 2012. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey covers part one of Bilbo’s tale starring Martin Freeman as Bilbo and of course the legendary Ian McKellen as Gandalf. Handled by the Lord of the Rings trilogy director Peter Jackson, excitement for this movie may even eclipse regular December festivities. But just a heads-up – there is a rumour that this movie will be split into two parts. (An Unexpected Journey and The Desolation of Smaug.)

The library has six copies of this book in the library in many departments and a copy of the book on Audiobook on CD.

Watch the Movie Trailer for The Hobbit

Life of Pi - originalLife of Pi- Yann MartelLife of Pi - movie

Maybe most of you have already read Life of Pi since it became a multiple award winner in the early 2000s. But if you missed that boat (clever?) now is a good time to pick up this novel. The movie will be released November 21st, 2012, starring Irfan Khan and Suraj Sharma as the older and younger Pi respectively. A film that features a man stuck on a lifeboat with zoo animals, including a Bengal tiger, should be an interesting change from the usual fantasy stories to hit theatres.

The library has many copies of this book including one copy in the Teen section, three copies in the Adult Fiction section, and two copies on Audiobook on CD.

Watch the Movie Trailer for The Life of Pi

Anna Karenina - originalAnna Karenina- Leo TolstoyAnna Karenina - movie

The novel tells the stories of Anna Karenina’s passionate but scandalous affair and Konstantine Levin’s search for meaning in 19th Century Russian aristocracy. Kiera Knightly stars as Karenina and Jude Law as her stifling husband Alexei in the movie, released September 7th, at the Toronto International Film Festival and hitting theatres in November 2012.

This book can be found in the Adult Fiction section on the main level – FIC TOL

Watch the Movie Trailer for Anna Karenina

Safe HavenSafe Haven- Nicholas SparksSafe Haven - movie

A woman named Katie moves to the small community of Southport on the run from her dark past. As she tries to start a life there without forming any close ties, she begins falling in love, and must deal with the past that terrifies her in order to stay. This romantic drama will be released in February 2013.

The currently has one copy of this book in the Adult Fiction section – FIC SPA, one copy in the large print section – LP FIC SPA, and one copy on Audiobook on CD – AUIDO SPA.

(Movie trailer not yet available.)

Books turned movie coming up in 2013:

The Host - movieWorld War Zthe great gatsby - movieThe Forest of Hands and Teeth - moviecarrie - movie

– AB

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