Blind Date with a Book – A Happy Ending

There once lived a girl named Ophelia who didn’t like to read anything remotely related to the Hunger Games, violence, warriors, blood, etc, etc.Success Book


On a whim, she decided to check out a Blind Date earlier this February 2013.


When the blind date was revealed as “Blood Red Road,” she said, “No way!” and our story may have remained a closed book.


However, Ophelia’s grandmother stepped in. “Come on, you must give your Blind Date a chance,” Granny insisted.


And Ophelia decided to listen to Granny.


Ophelia spent two days of bliss with “Blood Red Road,” and then sent her mum back to St. Thomas Public Library’s Children’s & Teens’ Department for book two. Ophelia was smitten.


Her granny resisted the urge to say, “Told you so.”


And, mum? Well, mum is still beaming!


And they all lived happily ever after.

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