Secrets to Successful Vegetable Gardening

Secrets to Successful Vegetable Gardening

@ St. Thomas Public Library

Thursday, April 11, 2013

7:00 p.m.

Carnegie Room | Lower Level


Presented by… Elgin County Master Gardeners

Save money the easy way – Grow a Garden!

Secrets of Vegetable Growing

The Elgin County Master Gardeners join us a little earlier this year so you’re 100% ready for the vegetable gardening season! This year, they’re sharing their secrets to successful vegetable growing. You can’t beat the taste of a fresh vegetable grown in your own back yard, and the Elgin County Master Gardeners are here to help! They’ll also be talking about herb gardening, the perfect companion plant to grow-your-own vegetables.

Elgin County Master Gardeners know almost anything there is to know about gardening, so if you have a gardening question that isn’t about vegetables, feel free to ask! The Master Gardeners love to share their bounty of knowledge. There will be plenty of time during this free program for all kinds of gardening questions and answers.

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