Spring Cleaning @ STPL – 2013

Check these books out now or they will be purged during the library’s…



With so many new books coming in, we have to make room by Spring Cleaning or “Weeding” books from the collection that haven’t seen a lot of check-out action in the past few years and are up for discard consideration. (YIKES!) Some of these books are fantastic reads – they just haven’t been noticed on the shelf or been given special attention. This is their last chance!!


We’ve put them on the “endangered” list and given them a front-and-centre spot in the library. If these books get checked out and you let us know that you like it, it will stay in the collection. If not, they’ll be considered for discard. Depending on the condition of the book, it will either be sold in the Library Friends’ Shop, sold as a bundle of upcycled craft books, or (most tragically) be sent to recycling. It’s a sad reality that every library faces. We only have so much space in a library and we can’t keep everything. Books that don’t circulate or are in poor condition have to go. (Please help them!)


Look for the display on the main level of the library for the Adult Collection, and the lower level in the Children’s and Teens’ Department for their own collection. Feedback bookmarks have been inserted into every book. This is your opportunity to say “Yay” or “Nay.” (Every feedback bookmark that you fill out is also a chance to win a library prize pack in our monthly feedback draw!) Give an older book a chance – extend their life by saving them from the Spring Cleaning!


Endangered Books - Spring Cleaning 2013
Endangered Books – Spring Cleaning 2013

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