Libraries – The Big Picture: Part 1 of 3

The Business of Libraries

If you haven’t seen Toronto’s Chief Librarian Jane Pyper on Lang & O’Leary, it’s four minutes well worth watching at

She discusses the “Business of Libraries” and how they are changing for modern users. She confirmed what we in libraries already know – that libraries are busier when times are tough.  About 56% of Canada’s population use the public library – about 100 million people – as opposed to the 4.8 million that attend a hockey game.

More than a warehouse for books, Pyper said libraries are more and more places for people to be together.  St Thomas’ revitalized library has more gathering, sitting, studying, spaces than ever, including a relaxing lounge with a fireplace, well-used study rooms, and a computer lab. With about 800 people a day visiting our library, to read, pick up or return materials, or visit a friend, St Thomas Public Library is definitely a community hub.

While Pyper’s comments confirm that libraries are changing to meet modern needs, St. Thomas Public Library will never stray far from that all important role – connecting people with reading – and fulfilling its mission: to educate, enrich and inform.


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