Flat Stanley: Bahamas Adventure – Cabbage Beach & Hog Island

Dear STPL Friends,

Guess where I am (with Harriet The Spy) on our last full day in The Bahamas? Yes, we have time for one more swim at Cabbage Beach on Paradise Island.

Cabbage Beach on Hog Island

So, I interviewed two very senior Bahamians about the origin of these quirky names. Here’s the skinny: Reportedly, cabbage palms (with an edible head) grew here on this beach — hence the name. Of course, if you cut the head out of a palm, you kill the tree which probably explains why those palms are long gone. And the island itself was originally called Hog Island apparently because of the wild pigs left there in the 18th century. Its name was officially changed to Paradise Island in May 1962. Whew! And Harriet and I can assure you, the pigs are gone too, thankfully! Hmm, perhaps those naughty pigs ate the cabbage palms into extinction!?



Flat Stanely

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