Libraries – The Big Picture: Part 2 of 3

Why Libraries Matter

A recent article in Forbes magazine by David Vinjamuri, entitled Why Public Libraries Matter, talks about the public libraries and their role in society.  According to Vinjamuri:

Libraries support three core missions: promoting reading, offering access to information and anchoring communities. Although individual library systems may communicate these priorities differently, most of the librarians I interviewed broadly agreed with these goals. All three missions contribute to make a library of the twenty first century the ideal place to discover new books.

Libraries in North America are in a battle with publishers over access to e-books. While publishers are confused about the benefits of libraries, libraries in fact contribute to creating readers – and book buyers. Libraries offer the books that everyone is talking about – the bestsellers – but also have a selection of new books and authors waiting to be discovered.

So come in St Thomas Public Library to pick up a tried and true title – in paperback, hard cover, on DVD or electronically. Or, if you’re looking for something new to discover, pop in and check out the “marketplace” our everchanging display of new and recommended. You’ll never know what you might find.


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