“Staycation” Doesn’t Mean Stagnation!

Staycation Books
“Staycation” doesn’t mean -stagnation-!

Ah, summer! The time of travel, day-trips, and vacations. Wouldn’t it be lover-ly to travel around the British Isles for two weeks? Or take a Mediterranean cruise? Paris in the summer must be wonderful, all baguettes and cafe au lait. This is usually where the reality of my bank account balance comes crashing through my lofty dreams of vacation. Looks like another “Staycation” summer for me! However, without careful preparation, I end up channel surfing on the couch, all ambition flying out the window.


But good news to those of you, like me, must take a “Mind vacation.” An imagination vacation, if you will. “Staycation” doesn’t have to mean stagnation! No couch potatoes channel surfing for St. Thomas residents! St. Thomas Public Library’s Readers’ Advisory Committee has put together a “Staycation” display for the month of August. Engage your mind during your summer holiday, and read books about travel, far-away lands, and setting-heavy books; perfect escapes without you ever having to leave your favourite reading chair.

Don’t forget – all library book displays include a feedback bookmark. Was this book a “Jolly holiday,” or did it “Leave you jet lagged?” Let us know what you thought about your Staycation book, submit the completed review bookmark by leaving it in the draw box on the check-in desk on the main level of St. Thomas Public Library. At the end of every month, we randomly draw one review. The author of the review wins a library prize pack! Prize packs include a library mug, library pen, (perhaps another library sundry) and three books which we try to match to the winners review and currently checked-out books.

Jolly holiday or jet lagged?
Will your book be a “Jolly holiday,” or will it “Leave you jet lagged?”

St. Thomas Public Library – Travel the world without leaving your chair!


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