Have you RED this book yet?

I know, I know. St. Thomas Public Library is hung up on the colour puns for our displays. But they’re just so popular! We’re refiling them every other day! For some reason, customers are just drawn to the block of colour that is our adult fiction display. And this display makes quite the statement!


Have you RED this book yet?
Have you RED this book yet?

I’m always intrigued, when we do colour-based displays, at what subject or theme the books  include. With the yellow display, there was a lot of suspense and, well, odd and bizarre books. With the “Blue us away” display, the tone was a little more serious, thought provoking, and seem to be targeted towards women. The red display showcases a lot of dark, sinister, “Get the blood pumping,” books, that skew towards a male demographic. (This is a generalization that isn’t applicable to all of the books on display, of course, but I still find it interesting.)

Whole Red Display
A bold focal point in the library.

Don’t forget to rate your red book! Was it “Red Hot,” or did it have you “Seeing Red?”  Each book on display includes a “Rate this book” bookmark. Let us know what you thought of your red book for a chance to win a library prize pack with our monthly feedback draw. Completed feedback bookmarks can be left in the ballot box on the check-in desk on the main level of the library.  Enter as many times as you like for more chances to win!

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