Getting the most out of every dollar!

Libraries have always had the unique ability to provide outstanding services to the public on a shoestring budgetDigital media. Whether it’s providing free training for computer programs or access to hundreds of magazines and newspapers, libraries are always striving to meet the needs of their communities. However, over the past several years, many library budgets have been hit hard. Although finally on the upswing, libraries are now faced with the challenge of providing online services to our customers – and these resources are always expensive! Although the bulk of a library’s collection budget still goes towards print materials, there is a growing demand for eServices, and now more than ever libraries must find out which eServices will offer their patrons the most bang for their buck.

Here at St Thomas Public Library, customers can download thousands of eBooks and eAudiobooks, through our OverDrive service. On top of that, we provide full-text access to hundreds of magazines, newspapers, journals and reference materials through our many online databases.

For example, the Encyclopedia Britannica Online Reference Centre has a wealth of information that can help anyone – whether you’re a teacher looking for information about the solar system, a student doing research on the human brain, a writer looking for interesting quotations, or a lifelong learner who wants to better understand the latest political crisis. With statistics, videos, images, biographies, and much more, it’s no wonder that we decided to allocate some of our collections budget towards purchasing this valuable resource.

Encyclopaedia Britannica

At St Thomas Public Library, we want to offer YOU the best online resources available –

  • Don’t have time to drop by the library?
  • Need to find some professional literature?
  • Looking for some primary sources?
  • Interested in finding a new knitting pattern?

– We have over 30 databases that you can access from the comfort of your home!!

Visit the Research page of our website to find out how we can help

you find the information you are looking for!

Post by Sarah Macintyre,

Systems and Support Services Librarian

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