Blind Date with a Book – 2014

Will it be Hot or Not?(Sing to the tune of “My Favourite Things” from the Sound of Music)

Brown paper book covers

Secured with tape,

I hope I take home a book I won’t hate!

On a blind date,

With an odd book,

I think I must be mad.

I simply remember this book was for free,

And then I don’t feel so baaaaad!

There’s no awkward questions, no forced conversation, no judgmental looks, no need to call. Just have a blind date with a book!

Books from an assortment of genres, departments, fiction & non-fiction are wrapped in brown paper, so you won’t know what book you check out until you get home. Sure, it might turn out to be a dud, or it could be the diamond in the rough you wouldn’t have given a chance otherwise. There’s no knowing until you check it out…

Blind Date with a BookAnd don’t forget to “Rate your date!” Let us know if your blind date with a book was hot or not for a chance to win a library prize pack! Let us know via Facebook, here in the comments, or fill out a ballot bookmark at the library. We post the feedback we get on the library’s Pinterest Page.

Look for the “Blind Date with a Book” display on the main level of the library – as soon as you walk in the front doors. We even have a special display on the lower level just for teens!  But hurry! This “dating scene” will only be around until Valentine’s Day!

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