Young Writers Connect at the Library!

YWC photo 3

It’s almost here! This Thursday (March 20th) at 7:00 pm we start our third session of our popular Young Writer’s Club (YWC). Young, aspiring authors dabble in a variety of genres and create masterpieces at the St Thomas Public Library on Thursday evenings. Since its inception in October, 2013, members of the Young Writers’ Club (YWC) have crafted flash fiction, mysteries, plays, poetry, fantasy and sci-fi.

They even wrote a shared story, “Sylvia and Bob’s Unexpected Adventure.” The library arranged the story and their illustrations into a booklet; writers and their parents received copies.

The young writers are passionate about their work and talked about how they spend their Thursday evenings.
“We get to do a lot of different types of writing and it’s all very interesting,” Zoe, 11, says.
Ten-year-old, Zanna adds, “And we get our creative juices flowing” with word games and free writing exercises.
Some of the young writers create at home in between club meetings.
Zanna explains,“I type my stories out. Some of my ideas come from day-dreams or night-dreams. I think, wow, I could put that together in a story.”
Jeannie, 9,  writes stories for her four-year-old sister. “I draw pictures to go with them because she still can’t read yet. The stories for her are mostly about pigs.”
Trinity, 9, writes to entertain herself and others. She likes to illustrate her work too.
Amelia, 8, talked about her writing process: “I take a bunch of words that pop into my brain and I put them all together.”

The group had advice for other aspiring young writers:
Alanna: “Some of the best stories come from inspiration, from a purpose, from your morals. If you believe something, you can make a story based on that.”
Jeannie: “Don’t give up! Don’t let people say what you can and cannot do.”
Zanna: “Follow your imagination. Let it take you places wherever you want to go. And you’re never too young to start writing stories. I started when I was four. I was seven when I wrote and illustrated my first book.”
Tonianne: “Let your imagination go wild.”
Trinity: “Anything you can think of, you can write into a story pretty much. You can even use a video game to make a story.”
Zoe:  “Use experiences in your own life to help you write a story.”

In future weeks, the young writers would like to create comic books, song lyrics, fairy tales, newspaper stories and blogs. YWC leaders Amelia Bainbridge and Rosemarie Johnson Clarke, who both have their own published writing experiences, are thrilled to play a part in this new STPL programme.–RJC

( If you are between 8 – 12 years old and love to write, please join us on Thursday evenings, 7-8:15pm in the Ingram Room, St Thomas Public Library. Our current session finishes on February 13. Our spring session will be held March 20 – May 24. It’s free to join.)

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