What Kind of Animal Are You?


Right now the St. Thomas Public Library is featuring fiction and non-fiction books about animals. Whether fact or fiction, these books reflect our special relationships with our four-legged friends and lead us to think about what they add to our lives.
Thinking about animals brought to mind a question that I was asked years ago in a job interview at the start of my working career. The question was “If you could be any kind of animal, what would you be and why?” Thoughts of rabbits and deer came to mind but fortunately my cerebral cortex recognized this was one of those trick questions meant to calculate personality. After a brief hesitation, I replied “I would be a fox because they are sly, intelligent, and beautiful.”
Now decades later, I find myself pondering the question “What kind of animal have I become and why?” I am neither a deer nor a rabbit nor a fox. I believe that I have evolved into a Border collie. The reasons for this belief is because I work hard to keep those around me safe. I try to keep friends, family, and co-workers out of harm’s way. I try to move them in the right direction. When I bark and nip at their heels it is for their own good. I am loyal, tenacious, prone to hyper-activity, reliable, and often scratch behind my ears when thinking. I take my jobs and adult responsibilities seriously. I do what I can to prevent bad things from happening. I am the protector and the guardian of my various flocks.
Although I would still like to be a fox, I feel that my Border collie traits are valuable. You may find it interesting to ask yourself the animal questions of what would you be and what are you. The analysis may be surprising and enlightening.


P.S. Come into to the library and discover our “Creature Feature” display. Oh by the way, I got the job. Perhaps there is a bit of fox there.


DSCF4443 DSCF4447

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