Books Turned Movie Display – April 2014

To tie in with our Academy Award Movie Series at St. Thomas Public Library, we’ve decided that our main display should be Books Turned Movie. Even some of the library staff were shocked to find out that some of our favourite movies were books first! (For example, did you know that Jaws was a book before it was a movie? Who knew?!)


Best Seller or Blockbuster?

YOU decided for a chance to win a library prize pack!

  Book Turned Movie - Blog Pic


The Books-Turned-Movie display can be found right inside the front doors on the main level of St. Thomas Public Library. Each book includes a feedback bookmark. Fill it out and return it for a chance to win a library prize pack! (Draws are held at the end of the month of any submitted feedback bookmark.) If you haven’t seen the movie before reading the book, do you think it would make a good movie? Did you know the “Movie you read” was based on a book first? Have you seen the movie before reading the book? If so, which did you like better and why? We’d LOVE to hear from you!


The International Movie Database (IMDb) uses crowd-sourcing to rate pretty much every movie ever made from around the globe. They’re rated on a user based system. And the top two, which swop spots from #1 to #2 frequently, have kept the top spots for years! To name a few from the IMDb Top 250: (links are included to the library’s catalogue so you can place a hold)


And these movies are just some of the books-turned-movie on IMDb! This doesn’t include some of the obvious (or perhaps not so obvious) books-turned-movie like:


So stop by the St. Thomas Public Library and get a start on reading your favourite movie!

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