Discover at your Library

The library is often thought of as a place to gather information, research, and read. Information is stored in our books and on our computers and librarians are traditionally thought of as the gatekeepers and the guides. But is this really how libraries look now? Libraries are becoming more about giving people access to resources that they may not be able to access privately.

pynekingslibrarybuckinghamhouse_editedlibrary makerspace

This includes technology! It has become important to have experience with different types of technology to help us in our schools and workplaces. The student who has experience using apps, for example, will have an advantage with potential employers over a student who has never used one. The same goes for computers, email and tablets. This is where the library can help: If you don’t have access to this technology you can come here and learn! You don’t need your own tablet or iPhone in order to experience the technology.


Over the next year, you will see a theme emerge in the services we offer here at St. Thomas Public Library. We now have computer classes for adults, iPads available for the public to use, and Kobos that you can borrow just like a library book. Our summer activities in Children’s and Teens’ Services will include a lot of self-directed discovery, like our Tech Take-Apart Day. A great way to learn is to tinker. Sometimes it’s better than a classroom or a lecture! We are also exploring options for a maker-space, so stay tuned for more on that. It will offer technology that adults and kids alike can use to develop new skills and make their way in the ever-changing technological world!



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