Reason #24: We Support Local Charities!

St. Thomas Public Library's Dress Down Fridays raises money to support local charities
We get to wear jeans to work AND help out local charities?! It’s WIN-WIN!

Dress down days have been happening here at the library all this year, and staff are enjoying wearing their jeans on Fridays! Just so you know, we don’t do this purely for our own comfort. If we choose to wear jeans on a Friday we donate at least $2 to a local charity. The charities we support change each month. Here’s a rundown:

  • January- Alzheimer Society
  • February- Heart and Stroke
  • March- Easter Seals
  • April- Concer Society
  • May 9th- Jesse’s Journey
  • May- MS Awareness
  • June- Dog Guide Sponsorship
  • July- Big Brothers/ Big Sisters
  • August- Caring Cupboard
  • September- Diabetes Society
  • October- Breast Cancer Society
  • November- Christmas Care
  • December-United Way

We raised $95 for Heart and Stroke in February, $108 for Easter Seals in March, and $75 for the Cancer Society in April, all from Dress Down Days! Like many people in the fair City of St. Thomas, we’re like super heroes, without the cape. (At least that’s what we feel like.)

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