Reason #31: Learning Disguised as Play

Reason #31 - Learning disguised as Play

Located in the John and Dorothy Palmer Youth Library on the lower level, the “Kids’ Spot” fuels the imagination, tantalizes the senses, and promotes learning and literacy skills with furnishings, decor, books, toys and activities designed specifically for this age group. It is a place for children, parents and caregivers to come, play, relax and learn together. All of the “Toys” were purchased with pre-literacy skills in mind. These skills can be practiced around home:

  • Phonological Awareness Skills: “I Hear Words!” Play word games, sing songs, and share rhymes that have repeated words.
  • Vocabulary Skills: “I Know Words!” Talk to your child throughout the day. Ask your child questions, listen to their
  • Print Motivation Skills: “I Like Books!” Make sharing books a fun and special time. Be a role model! Show your child that you enjoy reading.
  • Narrative Skills: “I Can Tell a Story!” Repeatedly read stories, create puppet plays, and name real objects and things in both books and everyday life.
  • Print Awareness Skills: “I See Words!” Point to words as you read books, and read signs and labels out loud.
  • Letter Knowledge Skills: “I Know Letters!” Trace the shapes of letters, play with shapes, and alphabet letters. Sing songs to introduce letters.

Most activities in the Kids’ Spot are labeled with colourful stars and the skills listed above. Children can also learn many other things from the toys and games in the Kids’ Spot, such as: hand-eye coordination, colours, numbers, exploration, problem solving, creativity, imagination, sharing, communication, kid-to-kid interaction, tidy-up and manners, concentration, focus, cause and effect, the list goes on and on! But they’ll be too busy having fun to notice.

One of the many things to "Play" with in the Kids' Spot - the light table with x-rays.
One of the many things to “Play” with in the Kids’ Spot – the light table with x-rays.

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