Reason #33: Sometimes We’re All Fun And Games

Reason #33 - We're all fun & games

It’s okay to come and hang out at the library. You don’t have to check anything out. You don’t have to be doing research, working on a project, reading or joining in a program. You can come and relax too! On the lower level in the Children’s and Teens’ Department, it’s a little like a rec room. We have lego and toys in Kids Spot for the young kids, and teens can often be found in the Ingram Room playing a board game. We have a stock of board games and chess sets in the Ingram Room that you can help yourself to anytime, and soon we’ll be breaking out brand new board games for the Teen Lounge. We also have chess boards stickered to some of the tables on the main level for adults. If you need a set of chess pieces, ask at the Adult Information Desk. Board games are a great way to unplug and have some old-fashioned, face-to-face competetive fun. Just remember, we aren’t responsible for friendships ruined by Monopoly- so keep it friendly!

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