Reason #39: Busy Parents Can Grab, Scan & Go!

Reason #39 - Busy parents can grab scan & goIf you don’t have time to browse the picture book shelf with your choosy toddler, and also don’t have time to hand-pick the very best books to develop your tots’ literacy skills, don’t despair! We have done that work for you. Just pick up a pre-filled Ready Set Read Backpack! Inside you’ll find six specially selected books that each focus on a different literacy skill. Here are the six skills that the Ready Set Read Backpacks focus on:

I Like books! (Print Motivation Skills): Books to foster a love of reading.

I Hear Words! (Phonological Awareness Skills): Books to develop the ability to hear and play with the sounds of words.

I Know Words! (Vocabulary Skills): Books that introduce new words in a fun way.

I Can Tell a Story! (Narrative Skills): Books that focus on describing and storytelling skills.

I See Words! (Print Awareness Skills): Books to encourage children to notice print everywhere and help them learn to follow words on a page.

I Know Letters! (Letter Knowledge Skills): Books that show how letters are different from each other and each make a different sound.

These skills are also what teachers like to see when your child begins school, so if you have a little one starting in the fall you may want to check out some backpacks this summer. There are three levels of backpacks available: “Early Talkers” for newborn to 2 years old, “Talkers” for ages 2-3 and “Pre-Readers” for ages 4-5. Just check on the tag to see what age and books are in the backpack. We recently refreshed our Ready Set Read Backpacks with all new books, so if you haven’t checked out our selection in a while you may want to visit it again!


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