Reason #43: We’re 100% Commitment Free

Reason #43: We're 100% committment free!

At St. Thomas Public Library, we know that you’re not likely to enjoy EVERYTHING you check out. There are, on occasion, books, magazines, or movies that people simply can’t get through or finish. Who knows the reason! Could be you despise the characters, think the author’s writing style is appalling, or that the movie plot is simply too ridiculous. (Or maybe you read something that hits a little too close to home in “Psychology Today” magazine…)

Good news! St. Thomas Public Library is 100% commitment free. You don’t have to finish your borrowed item to the end. If you don’t like it, just bring it back! We have a no-hassle return policy. (So long as you return the material on time, I mean.)

In fact, you don’t even need to take the item out of the library! Curl up in one of our comfy chairs and skim or read the first few chapters of the item you’re considering checking out. If it isn’t engaging, put it back on one of the return carts – you don’t even have to put the book back where you found it! (They don’t really like you doing that in book stores.)

And try out new authors and genres! You might discover something life-changing and mind altering. Again, if you try it and don’t like it, you don’t need to finish it. Things at the library are loosey-goosey! You’re not committed to liking on author, genre, or writing style. Go down to the lower level and check out some Young Adult or Teen novels; check out the new Adult Graphic Novels; try out a biography if you’ve never explored the non-fiction section before. You don’t have to commit!

Want to know an even bigger secret? You don’t even have to start any of the materials you check out. If you simply don’t have the time to read that book you checked out three weeks ago, you can return it and borrow it later, or renew it to keep it a bit longer. We won’t judge you!

Just because you’ve committed to having a library card and the responsibility that comes with it (returning items on time and undamaged,) doesn’t mean you’ve entered into some long term engagement with us. You can come to the library every day, once a week, once per month, or once a year. We don’t mind! Well, we like to see you in here as much as possible, but we understand that you have other priories, too. Come and go as you please. Like we said, we’re 100% commitment free!

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