Reason #53: Fun and Creative Programs for Adults

Reason #53 - The library has fun and creative programs for adults


St. Thomas Public Library has really been working hard at offering new, interesting, enriching, informative, educational, and entertaining programs for adults. We are planning many things for “Culture Week” in September and other special programs during October’s Canadian Public Library Month. This summer is no exception! STPL is offering a FREE “How to Create a Fairy Garden” workshop!

How to Create a Fairy Garden

Wednesday, July 23, 2014 | 2:00 to 3:30 PM

Free admission | Registration required at the Adult Info Desk or call 519-631-6050 ext. 8013

St. Thomas Public Library | Carnegie Room | lower level

Fairy gardening is about inviting a little magic into our lives. Anyone who encounters a fairy is blessed with good luck, but as any fairy hunter will tell you, finding these elusive creatures on their own turf is far from easy. The secret to meeting a fairy is to lure it in with a little garden so inviting she can’t resist exploring it. Canadale Nurseries is coming to the library to demonstrate how to build your own! This program is open to everyone – teens, families, and adults!

Be sure to check back with the library via Facebook, our online newsletter, or this blog to find out what programs are coming up!

A special “Thank you” to Canadale Nurseries for making this program possible.

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