Reason #55: Our Customers Believe In Us

Reason #55 Our customers believe in us

Back in April, our eighth reason to celebrate St. Thomas Public Library was “We value your feedback.” And we do! We emailed over 1,200 of our customers that subscribe to our monthly online newsletter and asked for their personal reasons for celebrating St. Thomas Public Library and libraries in general. We received some amazing comments, compliments, and feedback. (If you want to give us your reason to celebrate the library, we’re still welcoming feedback! Comment on this blog, or email Many of these responses are, or will soon be, some of our “Official” reasons for celebrating St. Thomas Public Library. (For example, our Reason #10 was submitted by a trio of library users!) There was, however, one overarching theme that seemed to be reflected in each comment; St. Thomas Public Library customers believe in the value of libraries and they believe in us, the library staff.

Cam Walters, a regular library customer, summarized why libraries are worth celebrating very well. This was his reply when we asked him why libraries are important:

In a world where everything costs money and much of that is fairly low on substance, the library provides a place to learn, or be entertained, be enlightened or be inspired… all for free.

As our parks do for our bodies, libraries provide growth and nourishment for our minds and souls.

We couldn’t agree more! As soon as our Marketing Coordinator received this email, she forwarded it to all library staff. They were moved to tears. The staff here at STPL are all passionate about the library and the services it provides, but it means so much more when we hear it from someone else, and it makes us even more passionate about our jobs at the library.

Why should we celebrate St. Thomas Public Library? Because our customers believe in us. Do we really need any more reason than that?

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