Reason #61: At the Library Sharing is Caring

Reason #61 - At the library sharing is caring

Once again, our wonderful library customers and St. Thomas community members share their reasons to celebrate the library. A local artist shares her reason to celebrate St. Thomas Public Library:

Our world has entered the most fragile of its existence. And here, in North America, consumption of mass produced stuff – (which unfortunately includes industrialized food) – is at the cost of un-renewable energy.

Libraries and our wonderful library here in St. Thomas is an exception to our global usage, wastage (and ruin)  and is in fact an example of the paradigm shift necessary to our thinking and doing if our world is to survive!

We must find a new formula within society and learn how to share our finite resources.

At our library we access knowledge and education and share that knowledge – freely – amongst each other.  Thus the library as a forum of information sharing is important and  as such, will only grow in importance as time goes on: especially in addressing our capitalistic concept of “growth.”  Our present consumerism simply cannot be sustained.

So here’s a big hooray for our library, and the place in our town where people share the most valuable of resources: knowledge!!

– Josepha van den Anker, St. Thomas Public Library Customer

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