Reason #63: We Proudly Own Local Art Donations

Reason #63 - We proudly own local art donations!

St. Thomas and Elgin County are blessed with an artistic community. As a “Community Hub,” St. Thomas Public Library is proud to display some of that amazing talent. Our “Art in the Library” program has hosted MANY local artists who use a variety of media to express themselves and as their creative outlet. Our monthly feature wall has displayed acrylics, watercolours, photography, mixed media, charcoal, spray paint, Copic markers, printmaking, and, well, you get the idea – everything but the kitchen sink. (Although, if someone used the kitchen sink as an art piece, we probably wouldn’t turn it away.)

But our featured art wall on the main level isn’t our only art feature. Several local artists and community members have donated original pieces, prints, and statues. We even have a stained glass piece! We invite everyone to tour all levels of the library, including the Board Room and foyer, to see our donated original artwork, prints, and statues. We’d especially like to thank the artists and the donors of the art pieces that proudly decorate our library.

Thank you to:

  • Artist St. Thomas Smith and donor Major Russel T. Rickwood
  • Helen E. Simpson
  • Artist Michael Kompf and donor John Kinnear
  • Photographer David A. White
  • Artist (statue creator) Rebecca Sisler
  • Prints by Jonathon Hayes and Mary Rose Sanderson donated by Lewis H. Gloin
  • Artist Mary Louise White
  • Artist Laura Woermke
  • Artist Darren Thompson
  • Stained glass artists Ted Goodden donated by Religious Society of Friends
  • Photographer Terri Scott

The library is SO much more than a warehouse for books. St. Thomas Public Library is also a place that promotes culture, creativity, and beauty through art. Sounds like a good reason to celebrate to me!

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