Reason #64: Library Programs Create Friendships

Reason #64: Library programs create friendships
Zoe (left) and Zanna (right) participating in our Young Writers’ Club.

We could tell you that library programs for children, teens, and adults create meaningful friendships, but anyone can claim that! When people attend one of our programs, workshops, or events, that common interest brings people together, breaks down barriers, and allows people to interact with each other. If these programs were not offered, it isn’t likely that two strangers would suddenly break into conversation and become fast friends. Yes, any business or organization can claim that their programs or events create friendships, but St. Thomas Public Library can show you through a story written by two young ladies who participate in our Young Writers’ Club.

Once upon a time, there were two extraordinarily creative mice. These two particular mice wrote many stories alone. Little did they know that the two were on the path to meeting each other and would learn the power of their combined skills. This path was the Young WritersClub at their mice town’s library. The first day, the two tentatively scurried in and sat down across from each other, completely unaware that they would soon be great friends. Amelia Mouse and Rosy Mouse encouraged the two to work together for the first time. The two were surprised at how well they worked together. Days later, the young mice were shocked to see each other again, out of the club. They were at a sports activity that one of the mice had just switched times for. The next few writers’ club sessions, the two continued to work together and realized their writing styles and ideas were nearly identical. The two mice fit together like pieces of a two-piece puzzle. They had a way of working together finishing each other’s sentences and building off one another’s ideas to make wonderful stories from enchanting mysteries to hilarious, unrealistic fantasies. Contrary to what you might think, this is a true story. In fact, the two mice are not mice at all. They are two 11 year-old girls by the names of Zanna and Zoe. The two girls are now fantastic friends. And all because of the Young WritersClub at St Thomas Public Library.

– written collaboratively by Zoe (age 11) and Zanna (age 11) – unedited


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