Reason #66 – Peace of Mind with Free Fob

Reason #66: Peace of mind with free library card key fob!

As you may have heard from our 5th official reason to celebrate St. Thomas Public Library, all of our library cards come with a bonus key fob for your house/car keys. This little fob comes in handy in many ways. For example, if you forget your library card at home, you can still check out books because you likely used your car keys to get here and BAM! Your library card is already attached to your keys. Another reason, people will think you’re cool. (Well, people who read a lot and love their library will think you’re cool, and so will we.)

There is, however, another bonus perk of being the proud owner of our new library card. (Library staff never thought of this until it happened.) If you have your library card fob on your key chain, you may get your lost keys returned to you! True story: Circulation Desk staff got a phone call from the Walmart parking lot. Someone had dropped their keys there, but the person that found them recognized our library key fob and called the library. Not long after that, keys & owner were reunited! FREE peace of mind? Sign us up, please!

Don’t forget – for our 130th anniversary, you can trade in your old card and upgrade to our special edition anniversary card and key fob FOR FREE! We’re waiving the $2 replacement cost. Na na na na na na na na AWESOME! (Sing that to the tune of Batman, please.)

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