Reason #69: We Support Local Artists

Reason #69 - We support local artists

For many years now, St. Thomas Public Library has been proud to display the creative works of many talented local artists through our Art in the Library program. Artists can display their work for a one-month period. The “Art in the Library” program is provided as a community service; displays are open to the public and there is no fee for artists to participate. Over the years we’ve had everything from water colours and acrylics, to mixed media and collage, multi-genre photography to hyper saturated colour photography, charcoal to markers. We’ve had artwork based on books, personal struggles, landscapes, animals, and history.

We’ve had people who have displayed their artwork around the world, been in galleries and competitions, and people who are budding artists who are getting exposure for the first time. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to apply by picking up an application at the Information Desks.

Starting this year, we’ve also added a Teen Art Wall on the lower level! Teens are welcome to apply to both programs, but if they’re really looking to inspire other teens, we suggest hanging their work in the Teen Lounge. Applications for the Teen Art Wall can be picked up at the Children’s & Teens’ Information Desk.

Upon applying, you’ll be asked for a sample of your work. You can either print of pictures of your work, or, if your work is on the internet, provide us with a link where you work can be viewed.

While sales of work cannot take place on library property, many artists have sold pieces because of their display at the library.

For more information on the Art in the Library program, please contact Susan at 519-631-6050 ext. 8013. We’re currently looking to book space for the rest of this year and the beginning of 2015. Don’t be shy! If you’re just starting out as an artist, the library is a great first step to boost your confidence with a public display.

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