Reason #70: Content, Connect & Comfort with Library Nostalgia

Reason #70: Content, Connect & Comfort with Library Nostalgia

Reminiscing through thoughts of nostalgia building feelings of contentment of thinking of happy moments from your past, connection to others with similar memories or memories of old friends and familiar faces, and comfort of things familiar. I believe that many of us have fond memories of the library, moments of nostalgia that makes us smile as we walk through the doors of this community hub. I well remember my childhood days going to the library, the way the staff made a six year old girl feel special, the thrill of finding your favourite book on the shelf (again.) But feelings and memories from staff members might be a little biased. Here are some nostalgic thoughts from a St. Thomas Public Library customer.

I have been coming to the library since before I started school. That was when it occupied the City Hall annex.

I remember the huge (to me) bookcases and the long wooden tables, laden with books. You could wander around them picking up whatever took your fancy. It was a cozy space.

I also remember my mother taking my sister and I down to the basement for “Story Time” on Saturday mornings. All the children would gather around a circle while Miss Reid or another librarian read to us. How we loved it!

Another thing I remember was the Bookmobile. Every couple of weeks it would bring books to Elmdale School, for us! What a treat. We always found something new to read. I don’t know how those ladies did it, no computers then.

I was rather upset when the “new” library was opened. The librarians were over the moon because it had space! However, I thought it was too stark. I felt it lacked the warmth and charm of the other building.

But, I kept coming, through high school and beyond. And, I am still coming. Even thought I can, and do download books to my iPad, I still like the feel of a book in my hand.

For over 60 years I have been borrowing books from the library – I wonder how many!

– Sally C, long time library user

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