Fine Free September – FINAL WEEK!

Fine Free September - Michele
Michele from the Circulation Department packages up 15 MORE bags (added to the previous 15) that are being carted off to The Caring Cupboard.

We’ve had great success with Fine Free September, our 80th reason to celebrate St. Thomas Public Library during our 130th Anniversary. We’ve had several different types of people appreciate and participate in this event.

  • Customers who are relieved at having their library account fine-free and are able to use the library again. (We had one mother overjoyed that we could clear $60 from her library account that had accumulated with her children’s overdue DVDs. Kids seem to forget to tell Mom when the DVDs are due. Note: Library accounts are suspended if more than $10 is owing on the account.)
  • Customers that have fines and are willing to pay off the amount by  donating to The Caring Cupboard
  • Customers that pay off their fines AND donate to The Caring Cupboard
  • Customers that don’t have fines, but want to donate to The Caring Cupboard anyway

We’re astounded at the generosity of the community and are excited and very pleased that library customers feel welcome to use the library’s services again, now that their accounts are cleared. (We LOVE it when people come to visit us!)

Just a reminder, there is only one week left for Fine Free September. If you have overdue fines on your account, get to St. Thomas Public Library ASAP! We’ll clear them for no charge, and you are by no means obligated to donate to The Caring Cupboard. We only ask people to donate what they can and are comfortable with.

The Caring Cupboard was very grateful for the first round of donations we delivered. They expressed their current need for donations as their supplies run low during September.

Once again, thank you to everyone who has donated so far. Please spread the word that the library is forgiving all overdue fines on library accounts so that the people who need to use the library feel welcome.


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