Reason #106 – Walking Tour Helps History Come Alive

Reason #106 - Walking Tour Helps History Come Alive

Do you remember the old card catalogues? Do you remember thumbing through drawers of smudged and worn cards to find a title by a favorite author, or on a subject near and dear to your heart? We now think finding a book in a card catalogue is old-fashioned, but there was a time when there were no catalogues at all. Books were arranged on the shelf in the order in which they were purchased. There was a published list of books, but because of the cost, an update wasn’t printed very often. Nowadays you can instantly find what’s in your local library, or the public library in Madrid, or at UBC;  you can tell if it’s on the shelf or out, and you can access that information from the library, from home, from your cottage at Grand Bend, or beach side in Punta Cana. And the library isn’t just books!


Many of the things we take for granted now didn’t exist in the past. In celebration of St Thomas Public Library’s 130 Anniversary, take a walk back in time with our self-guided historical walking tour (STPL 130 Anniversary Walking Tour – PDF) and gain a sense of who we are, and where we came from.  As you visit some of the landmarks in the Library or the City’s history, imagine the progress and changes that have occurred throughout those 130 years!

– RD

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