Movember Bro-Lit

Movember Bro-lit Display Movember Bro-Lit



During the month of November, thousands of men grow mustaches to create awareness of men’s health, in particular the importance of prostate check-ups. Men (and women) also raise money to help support research and awareness of prostate health.

This year, St. Thomas Public Library is getting into the spirit of creating awareness and supporting the issues of men’s health in a more creative way. Check out our “Movember Bro-Lit” display, located on the main level of the library in the fiction section. These books feature male protagonists, are mostly action, mystery, and crime fiction, and are generally “Guy books.” They’re action-packed, plot-driven, fast-paced, and suspenseful. Ladies, no worries. You can read Bro-Lit, too. The book doesn’t mind who reads it.

To find out more about Movember, visit the official Canadian Movember website:

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